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i am not for sale

for i am sold

20 November
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Lines are from "I Am Strong" by Polly Scattergood.

"In short, we are now so aware of the way that our lives are part of a patterned universe that we are free to speculate as never before. Where anything may be true - sometime, someplace - there can be no heresy. And where the patterns of the cosmos itself guide our thoughts so powerfully, so beautifully, we have nothing to fear but our own lack of courage."
Hello, darlings <333 .
Fiction - fanfic, original, gen, het, slash, and femslash (I just have my fingers in everybody's pies :P ...). I'm owned by my original characters, who have way too much say in, well, everything.
Friends only, but I'm friendly. Really!
"And in the past few decades fiction has begun to... dream new dreams, confident that there is no gate of ivory, only a gate of horn, and that all dreams are true." (Robert Scholes)
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